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Event Name:AL!VE Associations of Volunteer Engagement Professionals Quarterly Roundtable
Event Type(s):Meeting
Description:Every Quarter, AL!VE convenes local Associations of Volunteer Engagement Professionals (DOVIAS, VAN, etc) to network, learn best practices and share challenges and real solutions to the management and execution of a successful local network.  Topics for 2018 include:
February 21:  Financial Management & Revenue Generators
        Join Mark Smith, CVA and Gretchen Jordan, CVA for a round table discussion regarding financial management for your local association.  We'll discuss different ways of managing finances, safety protocols, earning your 501C3 status, and more.  We'll provide a basic budget template custom designed for local associations.  Attendees are encouraged to share their best practices, challenges, and ideas.  We will also discuss local revenue generators.  Do you have a silent auction?  Yearly conference? Raffle items?  Share your ideas with others.  

May 16:  Revitalizing Your Local Association
        Join Mark Smith, CVA, and Gretchen Jordan CVA for  a roundtable discussion regarding revitalizing your local association of volunteer engagement professionals.  Everyone has had the ups and downs, we will discuss practical solutions and ways to get local, regional, or national support.

August 15: Peer Recognition
        Does your association of volunteer engagement professionals recognize your peers?  Join Jennifer Thompson, CVA and Gretchen Jordan, CVA for a roundtable discussion of providing a meaningful ways to recognize the peers in your local community.  We'll share some examples of judging templates, award names, and how to get the word out about all the great and wondrous things your peers have accomplished.

November 14:  Making the Most of Social Media 
        Are you making the most of social media for your association of volunteer engagement professionals?  Learn tips & tricks for utilizing facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter to communicate, recruit, inform and train your members and the community about the value of our profession.

(These topics may change depending on regional or national events)

These roundtables are an exclusive AL!VE member benefit for Associations of Volunteer Engagement Professionals members only.  For more information on how to join, please visit our membership page.
Event Date:02-21-18
Event Time:3 PM Eastern Feb 21 & Aug 15; Noon Eastern May 16 & November 14
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