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Event Name:Facilitator Training - Leading the Way Not Managing the Day
Event Type(s):Training
Description:This one hour session is for those who will be site facilitators for 'Leading the Way, Not Managing the Day' Hybrid Conference.  The same material will be presented each time; you may attend one or all.  Conference organizers are welcome to attend.

We will discuss the schedule for the day, give tips on how best to manage a remote presentation, offer ideas for icebreakers or activities if you need to fill time, any input from presenters, managing the communication between the sites and the broadcast location, and answer any questions you might have.

Sept 11 - 10:30 AM pacific
September 20 - 9:00 pacific
October 2 - 9:00 am pacific
October 9 - 12:30 pm pacific

Event Date:9/20/2018
Event Time:Noon Eastern, 9 AM Pacific
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