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Autism & Echolalia: Pronouns, Questions, and Conversations

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Event Description

This webinar uses descriptions, videos, and discussions to address several communication difficulties common among echolalic autistic children. Following a brief overview of echolalia and some earlier communication interventions, the webinar will focus mainly on specific ways to help echolalic learners to:

  • Use “I/me/my” for self-reference

  • Answer and ask Wh and yes/no questions

  • Engage effectively in conversation

Participants will be able to: 

1. Describe a functional communication process for increasing self-generated language while decreasing echolalia

2. Explain the use of language modeling to decrease pronoun reversal and establish the use of “I/me/my” for self-reference

3. List three activities for teaching echolalic children to answer or ask questions.

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