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FOIA Request Denied, Fate of Auto No-Fault Rests on Unverified Data
LANSING– Michigan lawmakers won’t get information they say they need to make an informed decision on proposed changes to the state’s auto no-fault law, now that the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA) has rejected a request for claims data.
Published: 10/26/11

CPAN FOIA Request Denied by Insurance Industry
FOIA Request Denied, Fate of Auto No-Fault Rests on Unverified Data
Published: 10/26/11

CPAN Member John Prosser on Michael Patrick Shiels Radio Show
Prosser Discusses Dangers of Proposed Changes to Michigan's Auto No-Fault System
CPAN member and vice president of Health Partners Inc. spoke recently with radio host Michael Patrick Shiels about the impact House Bill 4936 will have on consumers, accident victims, healthcare providers and state taxpayers.

Published: 10/26/11

Michigan Supreme Court Agrees to Reconsider Auto No-Fault Tort Limits
LANSING, MI — The Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault (CPAN) applauded the Michigan Supreme Court today for agreeing to revisit a case that has eroded the rights of accident victims to sue at-fault drivers for non-economic loss and quality of life damages. The case, McCormick vs. Carrier, would overturn the court’s previous 2004 ruling Kreiner vs. Fischer.
Published: 10/21/11

Speak to Your State Representative During Open Office Hours
Tell Them to VOTE NO on HB 4936
CPAN members are encouraged to reach out to their state representatives during the posted office hours (below) and urge them to stop and DO THE MATH on this legislation: fewer benefits + higher taxes = insurance company profits.

Published: 10/19/11

Updated Analysis of HB 4936 by CPAN General Counsel George Sinas
On Oct. 13, 2011, the Michigan House Insurance Committee approved House Bill 4936 with amendments from what was previously introduced. CPAN General Counsel and auto no-fault George Sinas has updated his original analysis of the legislation based on these amendments.

Published: 10/18/11

Protect People Not Profits Rally -- 11am, Oct. 17th
Southeast Michigan CPAN Members -- Please consider attending this rally in Southfield on Monday, Oct. 17.

Published: 10/14/11

Michigan House Insurance Committee Votes to Fundamentally Destroy Auto No-Fault
Published: 10/13/11

State Rep. Mike Shirkey No-Fault Town Hall
CPAN members: Please consider attending this hearing and letting Rep. Shirkey know that this legislation will shift millions of dollars in the insurance industry's costs to taxpayers, cut thousands of jobs in the healthcare industry and destroy the best auto injury network in the country.

Published: 10/07/11