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CPAN delivers legislators memo urging them to demand the data before considering changes to Michigan's No-Fault.
On October 17, a memo was delivered to members of the House and Senate along with a summary of the CPAN and BIAMI lawsuits. The message:
CPAN believes, as many of you do, that transparency of the MCCA is critical and the data needs to be provided before proceeding with any significant policy changes to the auto no-fault system. It is important to note that there will be oral arguments in the Ingham Circuit Court on Oct. 24th. We ask that you share this information with your constituents prior to seeking a vote on any proposals before you.
Published: 10/18/12

Mitch Albom discusses Michigan's No Fault System.
Mitch talks with Mike Dabbs, Owen Perlman and George Sinas about the benefits of Michigan's No-Fault system.
Published: 10/18/12

Mitch Albom interviews from the BIAMI conference
Mitch talks with John Prosser about the attack on Michigan's no-fault system, Kevin McKinney about the need to the data before calling for changes to the law and John Cornack on the impact on jobs in Michigan should pending legislation pass.
Published: 10/18/12

Summary of Birny Birnbaum's analysis of the MCCA Financial and claims reporting practices.
The MCCA claims it is unsustainable... The available data tells a different story.
Published: 10/11/12

9.18.12 John Prosser and John Cornack talk with Michael Patrick Shiel about auto no-fault
It is all about transparency.
Published: 10/11/12

9.27.12 John Prosser and John Cornack talk with Michael Patrick Shiels about auto no-fault
John Prosser and John Cornack talk about the pending legislation and the need for transparency of the MCCA.
Published: 10/10/12

November, 2012 Statewide Proposals - Official Ballot Language and Pro and Con Statements Furnished by the League of Women Voters of Michigan Education Fund
The Pro and Con statements for the six statewide ballot proposals reflect the views of their major proponents and opponents as expressed on their websites and other supporting documentation referenced. The inclusion of the views of the various groups is solely in the interest of public service. The League of Women Voters takes no responsibility for the views or facts of the groups.

Published: 10/09/12