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Auto No-Fault Bill Applies Benefit Restrictions to Existing Patients, Grounds for Lawsuit
Contrary to the insurance industry's claims, House Bill 4612 includes retroactive language that will apply significant benefit reductions and restrictions to patients previously injured in an automobile accident - a provision that is inherently unconstitutional.
Published: 04/26/13

No-Fault Reforms Shift Taxes, Shaft Taxpayers
Governor Snyder's auto no-fault "reform" package, introduced this week in the House of Representatives, merely shifts taxes while eliminating lifetime benefits for Michigan drivers and shafting taxpayers.
Published: 04/24/13

Your assistance is needed tomorrow!
Tomorrow the House Insurance Committee will hear testimony on HB 4612 ' the auto no-fault bill - and we need your help!
Published: 04/24/13

CPAN Analysis of HB 4612 by George Sinas, CPAN General Counsel
On April 23, 2013, HB 4612 was introduced in the Michigan House of Representatives. The Bill imposes unprecedented dollar cap limitations on medical benefits and significantly restricts what treatment, services, and benefits are available to persons seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents. A number of the benefit restrictions contained in this Bill were contained in Proposal C, a referendum, which was resoundingly defeated by Michigan voters in 1994. The major features of this Bill are summarized by CPAN General Counsel George Sinas.
Published: 04/24/13

Insurer “Hardship Clause” in No-Fault Reforms Another Loophole for Insurance Industry
"Why would the insurance industry include a hardship clause when the proposed cost reduction has absolutely no impact on insurers' bottom line," said John Truscott, spokesperson for the Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault (CPAN). "This is yet another loophole that should cause people to question whose interests these ‘reforms' are looking out for."
Published: 04/23/13

No-Fault Reforms Leave Public’s Best Interest in the Hands of Greedy Insurance Industry
Gov. Snyder today introduced his plan to overhaul the state's no-fault automobile insurance program and allow the insurance industry to pocket billions of hidden dollars at the expense of Michigan's most catastrophically injured people, health care providers and taxpayers.
Published: 04/18/13

Trust is Lacking in Insurance Industry Survey and Expected Legislation
Gov. Snyder and the insurance are expected to announce legislation tomorrow that would be devastating to the state of Michigan. They are doing this under the guise of "affordability," but CPAN asks: Can you really trust the insurance industry to put people above profits?

Published: 04/17/13

Dearborn Town Hall Meeting to Discuss Proposed Auto No-Fault Legislation
The proposed legislation would significantly alter Michigan's current no-fault insurance system and would cap injury benefits at $1 million for accident victims. Research shows this cap would shift millions onto taxpayers. The bill also requires fee schedules to be applied to auto injury cases, which would cost Michigan hospitals systems an average of $10 million annually.
Published: 04/16/13