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There's the Truth, and Then There's the Auto Insurance Industry's "Virtual Truth"
This blog post from the Michigan Health and Hospital Association shines some light on just how far the insurance industry is twisting the truth in their quest to dismantle Michigan's no-fault insurance system.
Published: 05/24/13

With the MCCA Withholding Information Crucial to No-Fault Debate, CPAN Sends FOIA Request to Dept. of Insurance and Financial Services Director
LANSING - The Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault submitted today a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to Department of Insurance and Financial Services Director Kevin Clinton. The request seeks information that will help the public and lawmakers determine the financial sustainability of the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA). The financial health of the MCCA has been used by the insurance industry to argue in favor of significant changes to Michigan's auto no-fault insurance system that would be implemented under House Bill 4612.

Published: 05/21/13

Kalamazoo Township passes resolution opposing auto no-fault reform legislation
The Kalamazoo Township Board of Trustees this week added their voice to the debate over proposed changes to Michigan's auto no-fault system. On Monday, May 13, township trustees adopted a resolution opposing House Bill 4612.
Published: 05/16/13

Detroit Auto No-Fault Town Hall Meeting
Join CPAN and State Representative Brian Banks for a town hall meeting on May 20 to discuss the impacts proposed auto no-fault legislation (HB 4612) would have drivers, accident survivors and taxpayers.
Published: 05/14/13

Legal Analysis: Despite Assurance from Committee Chair, HB 4612 STILL Includes Retroactive Benefit Restrictions
"Either proponents of this legislation were intentionally misleading the public or they didn't understand what they were voting on." said CPAN President John Cornack. "Whichever way you read into it, the bottom line is that this bill will - in fact - reduce the level of care currently being provided to our state's most seriously injured accident survivors."
Published: 05/13/13

No-fault reform saves little, risks lot
From Livingston Daily: By legislating no-fault auto insurance, Michigan places itself in a minority of the nation's states. Only 11 others have no-fault provisions.

But Michigan is unique in that it provides uncapped health-care benefits for those suffering serious and debilitating injuries from an auto accident. The benefits are funded through an annual add-on to every auto insurance policy in the state. This year, that fee is $175, and it will increase to $186 in July.

Published: 05/11/13

Kalamazoo Town Hall Meeting Highlights Devastating Consequences of No-Fault Reforms
A May 8th town hall meeting hosted by Rep. Sean McCann (D-Kalamazoo) at the John T. Bernhard Center on Western Michigan University's campus discussed the devastating impact proposed no-fault insurance reforms will have on Michigan drivers, auto accident victims, and healthcare providers.
Published: 05/10/13

Melvin Butch Hollowell: First reform is public scrutiny of MCCA finances
From the Lansing State Journal: Supreme Court Justice G. Mennen "Soapy" Williams famously wrote in an opinion on our auto no-fault law that "an automobile is a crucial, practical necessity of our day-to-day life." Despite this fact, auto insurance companies are making driving more and more unaffordable with unchecked premium increases, including a recently announced $30 per driver increase in the annual assessment for the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association.

Lawmakers are now debating Gov. Rick Snyder's push to cap health care coverage for Michigan's most severely injured crash victims, without seriously addressing affordability. Now, more than ever, the MCCA needs to open up its books to the public before any new deal is reached in Lansing. No data, no deal.

Published: 05/10/13

Laura Appel: No-fault proposal will hurt hospitals
From the Lansing State Journal: Few daily, commonplace activities are as inherently dangerous as driving. It may be difficult to believe, but more than 190 Michiganders are involved in an auto accident every day. Many will escape serious injury, but there are hundreds of people each year who will be catastrophically injured and require care and rehabilitation the rest of their lives. For these unfortunate individuals and their families, Michigan auto no-fault insurance is literally a lifesaver.
Published: 05/10/13

New auto no-fault bill slashes health care, fails to address affordability
From the Michigan Citizen: Last week, the Detroit Democratic Caucus announced its united opposition to HB 4612, an insurance industry-backed measure forwarded by Gov. Rick Snyder, which eliminates the life-saving health care coverage currently provided under Michigan's auto no-fault law, without addressing the unaffordable premiums motorists in the state's urban areas are forced to pay.
Published: 05/09/13

Bill would cap auto insurance coverage
From the Traverse City Record Eagle: Tina Cardinal sat in a motorized wheelchair, a tube attached to her throat that allows her to breathe. She described how she was hurt in a car accident eight years ago.

"I was passing a semi and he ran me into a tree," she said in a barely audible voice. She paused. "He got a ticket."

Cardinal recently met with a reporter at The Lighthouse Neurological Rehabilitation Center in Kingsley, where she resides with 14 others. She suffered a traumatic brain injury and receives lifetime medical care, thanks to Michigan's no-fault vehicle insurance.

Published: 05/09/13

CPAN Praises House Democratic Caucus for Standing in Support of Michigan Auto No-Fault
"CPAN would like to thank the Michigan House Democrats for standing up in support for seriously injured people, health care providers and taxpayers of this state," said Cornack...
Published: 05/03/13

House Insurance Committee Passes Legislation Effectively Ending Michiganís Auto No-Fault System
The Republican-controlled House Insurance Committee approved HB 4612 today on a 10-5 party line vote. The legislation cuts Michigan's current lifetime auto injury coverage to $1 million and places several other restrictions on care provided to auto accident survivors.
Published: 05/02/13

Newly Discovered MCCA Documents Underscore Need for Auto No-Fault Transparency
Recently discovered IRS filings reveal disturbing facts about the management of the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association, the Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault announced today. The documents include IRS 990 forms showing that the MCCA keeps funds in a bank in the Cayman Islands.
Published: 05/01/13