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Consumer Survey: Proposed Cuts to No-Fault Benefits Not Worth $10 monthly savings
According to results of a recent consumer survey, Michigan lawmakers may want to rethink proposed auto insurance reforms during the summer legislative break. More than 80 percent of those surveyed indicated the $10 per month in savings offered by HB 4612 for one year was not worth giving up lifetime auto insurance benefits.
Published: 06/19/13

Real stories: Katie Steele
"Because of the no-fault system I'm able to attend therapies that are not covered by health insurance which have allowed me to regain functions such as feeding myself, writing and sitting up on my own - exceeding all of my doctor's expectations."
Published: 06/13/13

Real stories: Brian Culver
"April 7, 1994 was the day that forever changed my life. During a turn, the car I was driving spun out of control eventually slamming backward into a parked semi truck. Prior to my accident, I was a college athlete and Comstock Township firefighter. When emergency teams arrived they were shocked to see one of their own trapped in the wreckage."
Published: 06/12/13

Insurance and Financial Services Director Denies CPAN Request for No-Fault Transparency
Department of Insurance and Financial Services Director Kevin Clinton has denied a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that would have provided transparency and access to critical information needed to determine how the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA) annual assessment, which is ultimately paid by Michigan auto owners, is computed.
Published: 06/11/13

Real stories: Sheryl Dana
Life can change in a blink of an eye. On Dec. 28, 2006, I was headed to work as a home health nursing manager when another driver lost control and crossed the center line. I tried to drive out of his path, but the poor weather and road conditions prevented it, and we collided nearly head on. I was transported via ambulance to a nearby hospital with extensive injuries and in critical condition. Due to the extent of my injuries and traumatic brain injury, my family was told that I may not survive.
Published: 06/11/13

Donald Bricker: Real Stories, Real People
"Prior to my accident, I served my country for 23 years as a helicopter pilot and instructor in Michigan's Army National Guard. My injuries prohibited my return to work, resulting in the loss of my job and health insurance. No-fault has covered the necessary services, including a nurse aide who accompanied me during my first year of recovery. Every day from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. we went to outpatient therapy. Without these services, I would not have regained the strength to take care of myself."
Published: 06/06/13

Real stories: Julia & Mary Covill
"Without no-fault we know we would have lost everything, including our home, and would more than likely have filed for bankruptcy to pay for the medical costs."
Published: 06/05/13

Real stories: Brian Woodward
"Every able-bodied person is looking for a good quality of life. That's what disabled people are looking for, too. The current no-fault system absolutely supports that. Vote no on HB 4612!"
Published: 06/04/13