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Opposition to auto no-fault changes mounts
Health care providers, elected officials say legislation
drastically cuts reimbursement for treatment of accident victims

ROYAL OAK – Supporters of auto no-fault, including many survivors of catastrophic auto-accident injuries, today filled the concourse at Beaumont Hospital to urge lawmakers to protect health care services for victims of catastrophic auto accidents and put the brakes on legislation that is speeding through the Michigan Legislature.

Published: 04/29/15

Dr. Mike Andary Testimony on SB 248
Dr. Mike Andary attended the House Insurance Committee hearing on Senate Bill 248 on Tuesday, April 20. Unfortunately he was not called to testify. This video details what he would have told the committee had he been called upon.
Published: 04/23/15

House Insurance Committee Version of No-Fault Bill Unworkable in Current Form
The House Insurance Committee today passed its version of an auto insurance reform bill on a party line vote despite strong objection from health care providers, legal experts and consumer advocates.
Published: 04/23/15

CPAN's Summary Analysis of SB 248
After barely 72 hours of consideration, the Michigan Senate, on April 16, 2015, passed SB 248, which, if enacted, will dramatically alter the Michigan auto no-fault system. This Bill would: (1) significantly reduce reimbursements to medical providers; (2) substantially limit attendant care benefits to catastrophically injured patients who are cared for at home; (3) create a new catastrophic claims commission for accidents occurring after the effective date of the legislation; (4) create a new insurance fraud authority; and (5) adopt a new test to determine if insurance premiums are excessive. CPAN believes this bill is seriously flawed, will create great instability in the Michigan auto no-fault system, impair patient access to medical care, seriously reduce revenue to the Michigan health care industry, result in a significant loss of jobs, and completely fail to reduce auto insurance premiums for the majority of Michigan citizens. The highlights of the Bill are attached.
Published: 04/21/15

CPAN Analysis of Senate Bill 248
CPAN legal counsel has issued its analysis of Senate Bill 248. Download it here.
Published: 04/21/15

The attached analysis was shared with the media this morning at the CPAN Press Conference.
Published: 04/16/15

This quick analysis was share with the media this morning at CPAN media round table.
Published: 04/16/15

This quick analysis was shared with members of the media this morning at CPAN Media Round table.
Published: 04/16/15

Senate Insurance Committee - Passed out of Committee a Substitute for SB 248 and 249
The Senate Insurance Committee today held a last-minute hearing to pass Senate Bill 248, which would significantly alter Michigan’s no-fault insurance system. Notice of the hearing was issued at 4:59 p.m. on Tuesday, less than 24 hours before today’s 12:30 p.m. hearing.
The legislation has four key features: it creates an auto insurance fraud prevention authority; creates a new catastrophic claims system; restricts payments for family-provided attendant care and imposes Workers Compensation fee schedules on auto injury claims.
“CPAN is deeply disappointed in the way today’s hearing was handled and the lack of due process that was given to such an important policy issue. It was not until the hearing began that even members of the committee were made fully aware of what was included in the legislation,” said CPAN President John Cornack. “The tens of thousands of accident survivors in this state who would be impacted by this bill deserve more than that.” Cornack noted until this point, CPAN had been holding positive discussions with members of the insurance industry over the past several months in an effort to reach consensus on legislative reforms, including family provided attendant care and fraud prevention. “Today’s actions were not helpful in advancing these discussions, and now the committee has taken a step backward,” said Cornack. “We are calling on the full Senate to take time to perform its due diligence and undertake a process that ensures robust feedback on this critical issue.”
Published: 04/15/15