Post Classified Ads

Often an association will want to post classified ads on their website or within the Members Area. For example, a homeowners association that would allow members to post items for sale, or perhaps an association will want to offer advertising opportunities to vendors that want to offer products to the association's members.

Within MemberLeap, the Classified Ads module allows you to do that.  You can have pictures or files attached to them.  Ad submission can be open to the public, or members-only.  

Classified ads can be monetized as well, charging a nominal amount for an ad for 30, 60, or 90 days.  Using this feature, the classified ad system is an opportunity for an association to generate non-dues revenue.

When someone submits an ad, it goes into a pending mode, after which an admin-lever user can review and approve. Once approved, the ad is then displayed.


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