Vieth Consulting is always on the lookout for the best interests of our clients, and we know that payment processing is a critical part of it. With that in mind, we are pleased to partner with Heartland Payment Systems as one of our preferred payment companies.  They provide the highest level of service with fair, fully disclosed pricing and provide a solution to our clients' concerns when it comes to payment processing.
  • Heartland Secure Can Protect Your Organization – Heartland Secure is a secure credit card processing method backed by the most comprehensive merchant warranty in the industry.
  • Interchange Plus Pricing and Rate Guarantee – You will know the true cost of every card that comes through your organization – all rates and fees are clearly identified on an easy to read statement.  Rates are guaranteed.  No teasers, no hidden fees, no middlemen, and no surprises.  Interchange Plus Pricing was previously only available to large retailers like Best Buy, Home Depot, and Walmart, but Heartland offers it to organizations like yours.
    • Heartland offers an extremely low transaction fee of only 0.05¢ per transaction.  Each transaction also incurs an interchange rate fee ranging from 1.0 - 2.9% (dependent upon the type of credit card being used and what their interchange rate is).
      • For organizations with more than $50,000 in annual transactions, there is no additional expense.
      • For those with less than $50,000 annually, they offer a $59 per month program that will fit your needs. 
  • Personal Consultation – A Heartland Relationship Manager will connect with you to learn about your organization and present a solution tailored to meet your needs.  
  • Fast Customer Care – Heartland’s Service Center is United States based - which means Heartland customers will speak to a real person on the phone right away who will not hang up until your question or problem is resolved.
  • Mobile Payments - With technology continually changing the face of commerce, it's more important than ever for organizations to accept electronic payments. Unlike other mobile payment solutions that hold funds up to 30 days for various reasons, Heartland funds its merchants the same as if they are processing transactions at their organization - so you’ll be funded faster.
  • Gift and Loyalty Programs – With Heartland's fully customizable gift card and rewards/loyalty programs, you can increase the amount of customers you’re bringing in, while reducing the amount of payment fees going out.
For more information on how Heartland can help your organization, please visit their website for a quote today.