Jaycee Juice - January 2018


 January GMM Recap

The first general membership meeting (GMM) of 2019 was held at HopCat on 1/15/19. President Nicole Perry opened the meeting by discussing her vision for a year of growth and asking members to share one thing they would like to do with the chapter this year. Responses included volunteering with kids, planning a big chapter trip, working with the recovery community, and organizing a bar crawl. 


Three members stepped up to serve as the 2019 Chairs of the Board.  Angela Clock will cover the first trimester, Charlie Root will lead the second trimester, and Abby Sumbler will close out the year. The Board of Directors (BOD) is grateful for the leadership of these three members, formally known as Chabang.


The BOD discussed proposed changes to the reimbursement policy that would shift the focus of reimbursements from conference fees to membership dues. The final policy will be available to members once approve by the BOD. 


Vice President Jessica Anderson led the membership through a SWOT analysis. The full analysis will be available in the Chapter Plan, but if you want a sneak peek, here are some common responses: Strengths - history/resources of past members, Weaknesses - low membership and lack of diversity, Opportunities - partnership/sponsorship of local organizations, Threats - competition from similar organizations and branding. 


Tax Status Update

You may recall conversations about JCI Lansing developing a related 501(c)(3) organization. Our organization currently has a 501(c)(6) tax status, which does not allow us to receive tax deductible donations as a 501(c)(3) tax status would. The 2019 Board of Directors has carefully discussed this issue and has opted not to pursue a 501(c)(3) organization at this time. Rather, we would like to use our time and resources to strengthen our relationship with the Michigan Jaycees Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization that can receive tax-deductible donations designated for specific JCI Chapters. As always, please reach out to the BOD should you have any questions!


Member Spotlight - Jake Anderson

Where do you work/live?

Triton Industries (Manitou Pontoons) as a welder

Live on the southside of Lansing

How long have you been a Jaycee?

1 year

What is your most memorable Jaycee moment?

Driving around town with a trailer full of snowmen and getting the stares and reactions of people as you drive by.

Favorite Jaycee project

Snowman Army

Tell us about your family.

Married to Jessica Anderson. We have two dogs, Daisy and Loki, and two cats, Captain Morgan and Tequila Rose. 

Top 3 life highlights?

Meeting Jess, Getting married, buying our first home.

Favorite game?


Worst thing you did as a kid?

Who you kidding? I was a good kid! My younger sister was the trouble maker ;)

What are you looking forward to in 2019?

Moving out of the city

What is your favorite song?

Priceless by For King and Country

Favorite place or vacation spot?

Anywhere on the water catching some fish!

What advice do you wish you were given?

Just be yourself; you aren’t going to please everyone all the time.


Want a JCI Name Tag?

The BOD is ordering name tags and wants to extend the offer to membership. We are ordering personalized metal name tags with magnetic backing (see image).The cost is $10 each. Please contact Laine before the February GMM at secretary@jcilansing.org if you would like one!

Looking Ahead

01/19/2019 : Year End Banquet & 90th Celebration

01/25/2019 : Happy Hour, Neverland Bar, 6:30-9pm

02/07/2019 : Board of Director's Meeting, Holt Community Center, 6-8pm

02/08/2019-02/10/2019 : JCI MI Year-End Conference, Grand Rapids

02/19/2019 : February GMM, Social 6pm/Meeting 6:30pm, Location TBD

Feb TBD : Get your learn on - No sew lap blankets

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