The Global Professional Association for Colon Therapy
The Global Professional
Association for Colon Therapy

"A Self-Regulating Educational and Certification Body
~ Unsurpassed for Certified Colon Hydro-Therapists Since 2009"

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Advanced Level Certified Colon Therapist (32)
Advocate for Colon Hydrotherapy (3)
Approved CHT Education Facility/School (14)

Certified Colon Therapist + Instructor (16)
Certified Colon Therapist 4 Master (1)
Certified Colon Therapist 4 Medical Professional (2)
Certified Colon Therapy Facility/Clinic/Spa (26)
Clinical Level Certified Colon Therapist (23)

Foundation Level Certified Colon Therapist (99)

Industry Affiliate (6)
Instructor Advanced Level Colon Hydrotherapy
Instructor Clinical Level Colon Hydrotherapy (2)
Instructor Foundation Level Colon Hydrotherapy (4)

Multi location Colon Therapy Services (9)

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