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Steve Huntridge
16 High St
South Langley Moor
Durham, DN7 8JN
United Kingdom
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41 07776 143 061
Member Since: 2015

Dotolo Europe is a GPACT approved Educational Facility that also provides information on purchasing colonic devices, replacement parts, and disposable supplies.

Ervin Ramos
3151 Airway Ave
Suite M-3
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
United States
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Member Since: 2017

Heather Cordero
1875 Limpy Creek Road
Grants Pass, Or 97527
United States

Member Since: 2017

Arleen Ehritz
151 Hoffman Rd
Barto, PA 19504
United States
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Member Since: 2012

I am certified as an Instructor through I-ACT since 2007. Our son that was labled with Autism at the age of seven. Looking for ways to help our son to get well we found Colon Hydrotherapy. I am the owner of "Begin Within Wellness Spa."
We are ready to serve ALL!

Millan Chessman
2633 Windmill View Road
El Cajon, CA 92020
United States
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Member Since: 2012

Shemila Tharani
Therapist – Instructor – Mentor
17 Eldon Square
Reading, RG1 4DP
United Kingdom
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+41 07776 143 061
Member Since: 2011

After a successful career in Business Development, Economic and Social Regeneration, Shemila followed her passion for Health and Wellbeing influenced by a family history of digestive cancer. Once she established herself as an experienced Colon Hydrotherapist, she went on to train as a Trainer in Colon Hydrotherapy , combining her understanding of the links between lifestyle habits and health along with her experience in Business Development to deliver a course in Colon Hydrotherapy that would enable therapists to deliver preventative healthcare , set up their own practice and generate an income.

Shemila is the co-owner and founder of “Body Vibrant” since 2008 and Senior Instructor for Colon Hydrotherapy at Dotolo Europe as part of her own journey to break the vicious cycle of Digestive Cancer in the family.

Despite running a very busy practice and her training commitment, she is also the xxx Ambassador for GPACT. Shemila is committed to lifting the standards and expectations within the Colon Hydrotherapy Industry in the UK. Shemila is passionate about the role of colonics in achieving “Total Body Health” but is also a fervent supporter of complementing other detoxifying therapies such as oxygen, ozone, far infrared and nutritional therapies with colonics to achieve optimum results.
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Advanced Colonics
Kitty Marteen
Colon Hydro-therapist
1720 West Ball Road
Ste 4B
Anaheim, CA 92804
United States
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Member Since: 2017