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Juliana Benner
Clinical Colon Hydrotherapist
1617 North 5th Street
Boise , ID 83702
United States
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Member Since: 2011

Advanced certified closed system colon hydrotherapist and Certified Natural Health Practitioner

Priscilla Cobb
36 Round Tree Drive
Rossville, GA 30741-3601
United States
Member Since: 2011

In 2006, Priscilla became a Professional Colon Hydro-therapist and Nutritional Coach. At LifeSpring Wellness she provided colon therapy, along with nutritional and dietary coaching to health conscious clients. The office of LifeSpring Wellness in Roswell Georgia, USA is temporarily closed as Ms. Cobb moved to Rossville, Georgia in August of 2016.
Priscilla Cobb currently holds a license to practice professional nursing in the state of Georgia. She completed an Associate Degree, a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree in nursing. She worked 37 years in the field of professional nursing until she opened her colon hydrotherapy practice. She worked for 10 years in colon hydrotherapy and diet coaching. She obtained Foundation level and Advanced level credentials for colon hydrotherapy from GPACT and obtained the level of Instructor for Foundation level, then Instructor for all levels with GPACT. Ms. Cobb constructed the GPACT Foundation Level Training manual which is in use today.

Ms. Cobb's professional nursing career focused on pediatrics for the first 12 years and then administrative for the remainder of her nursing employment. She was a pediatric nurse, a pediatric nurse associate, a manager, a director of nursing, an assistant vice president and finally a vice president in various hospitals and clinics throughout the US. Her clinical background has been very helpful in her practice of colon hydrotherapy and in her efforts to assist other to improve their health. Her background is now used to assist other colon hydro-therapists to improve their practice and stay abreast of current health information that impacts the practice of colon hydrotherapy.