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Kelsey Marshall
Clinical Colon Hydrotherapist
1026 BellvueAve SE
Calgary, AB T2G 4M3
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Member Since: 2011

Fluid Movements was founded by Kelsey Marshall in 2008. Offering healthy living and lifestyle through yoga instruction since 2007, Kelsey expanded into the field of Colon Hydrotherapy in 2007. In 2010 Kelsey is studying for her Holistic Nutrition Diploma with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Now in 2012, as an Advanced Certified Colon Hydrotherapist Medpro she is combining her knowledge in the three disciplines to create Fluid Movements.

Where is she now, an update on Kelsey!

May 2012. Kelsey just recently spent some much needed time on herself and went through the Hoffman Institute process. What a self-connecting, self-love, self-care journey that was. Taking time to nourish your body spiritually, mentally and emotionally is equally important as taking good physical care of your self. In the end it's all connected and it's these parts that create the whole of us. A person just can't feel complete until they have connected with themselves on all levels!

Jan 2012 completed Raw Food training, what an incredible adventure that was!.

Jan 2012 Successfully completed the Advanced Colonoscopy Preparation Training Cololavage with GI DOCTORS in New York. This life changing course has increased her knowledge and wisdom in the field of Colon Hydrotherapy by allowing her to work in a medical environment with supportive Doctor's. During this course Kelsey prepped patients for their Colonoscopies and was then able to sit in for the Colonoscopy procedure. The Doctor explained a lot while viewing the inside of the large intestine. The findings of using Colon Hydrotherapy as a prep for colonoscopy has been reported to be more comfortable for the patients and easier and more efficent for the Doctors.

March 2011 Kelsey even slipped off for a week long trip to Amsterdam to study with one of the styles of Yoga she teaches.

In Jan 2011 Kelsey is off to the Cathy Shea school of Colon Hydrotherapy in Florida to take their Advanced Masters program to receive her Advanced certification in Colon Hydrotherapy.

Completed her Advanced Training and Certification at the Advanced Level with I-ACT

In Aug 2010 Kelsey signed up with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and is working towards her Natural Nutrition Diploma to further expand what she has to offer her clients.

She has used her experience and own personal inspiration to create a grounding, nurturing space to assist in bringing health, harmony, and calm into each and everyone who walks through her doors.

Sue Twiggs
4/219-221 Park St
South Melbourne, 3205
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Member Since: 2010

Sue Twiggs is the owner of Australian Colon Health. She trained and worked extensively in London at the Joshi Clinic, where Lady Dianne was a patient. Sue is a relaxed, passionate South African, recent Aussie where high standards as well as humour during training and treatments are essential.

Sandra Manjarres
37-63 81st St, 3F
Jackson Heights, NY 11372
United States
Member Since: 2017

Business location is Van Uden Center

Blythe Kelly
Clinical Colon Hydrotherapist
2305 SE 50th Ave
Portland, OR 97215
United States
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Member Since: 2013

Blythe Kelly uses a 2009 Specialty Health Hydro-San Plus colonic device.

Book your appointment today online with Blythe to begin your journey to an even more beautiful you.

Dr. Juliette Fagan D.Div
Clinical Colon Hydrotherapist
Shop 1 @ 16 Kingslyn Avenue
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1876 7832378
Member Since: 2012

A passionate 'Networker' who strongly believes in empowering others to 'Dream Dreams' and succeed. Dr. Juliette D. Fagan D.Div - A woman of many hats. Ex-Cop, Wife, Mother, Nurse, Bishop, Counselor, Marriage Officer, Entraprenuer, Motivational Speaker ' but most of all a born-again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ Then in the spring of 2012, she traveled to New York to participate in the ColoLAVAGE Prep course and became a Clinical Certified Colon Hydro-therapist. She is a Board Certified Holistic Practitioner / Naturopathic Consultant & Educator, Member of the American Assoc. of Drugless Practitioners, and The Observer Newspaper's 2008 most inspiring woman in Jamaica.

Juliana Benner
Clinical Colon Hydrotherapist
1617 North 5th Street
Boise , ID 83702
United States
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Member Since: 2011

Advanced certified closed system colon hydrotherapist and Certified Natural Health Practitioner

Ravit Dagmi Lowe
Certified Colon Therapist-Instructor
Noa st. #6/b
Ashkelon, 78490
Member Since: 2009

I use closed System Colon Hydrotherapy devices at my clinic and educational facility. If you are interested in learning more about how to become a colon hydro-therapist or just want more about colonic, please contact me.

In May of 2014, I completed training and am now certified with my Advanced and Clinical certifications. I now offer services for colonic implants as well as the ColoLAVAGE for colonoscopy preparation.

I am also the GPACT Ambassador for the Israel. I can help answer questions about becoming a member of this association.

Briony Botha
Clinical CHT & Instructor
Advanced Integrative Medicine
97 Central Street
Johannesburg, Gau 2198
South Africa
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Member Since: 2012

Briony Botha qualified as a Colon Hydrotherapist in 2000. Since then she has become one of the most respected colon therapists in South Africa, achieving certification through the British association RICTAT ( and the the Global American based Association GPACT.

Briony is a registered as an Advanced Colon Hydrotherapist with RICTAT and GPACT and is a certified Clinical Colon Hydrotherapist through GPACT.

Briony owns and operates Trinity Health, a holistic colonics centre in Honeydew Johannesburg and in 2011 franchised a second branch in Bedfordview Johannesburg.

In 2012, Briony become the first and currently only Cololavage Therapist in South Africa. CololavageTM is a method of colonscopy preparation developed by Dr Chris Demetriou and GPACT president Amy Sanders in 2010. It is a highly developed method of prepping patients who have had difficulty prepping the past or who are unable to cope with standard preparations.

Briony is a respected member of the Colon Therapy community and is a strong advocate for proper training and colon therapy standards worldwide.

"The truth is that I am just an ordinary woman, living in an extraordinary world. I am a wife, mother and human being making my way through life."

Kirsten Hellum
Clinical Colon Hydrotherapist
apartado 0056
Rua das Cavalhos
Boliqueime, PT 8100-069
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00351 917210099
Member Since: 2012

Kirsten Hellum was introduced to Colon hydrotherapy by practitioner and trainer Shirley Emilio from the UK. Whilst observing Shirley Emilio's work, Kirsten noticed and experienced first hand, the amazing changes this therapy bought to her and others.

Having worked for many years in the caring profession and with people in general, it became a natural progression for Kirsten to train as a colon hydrotherapy practitioner to bring the service to clients in Portugal, Kirsten became a registered Colon Hydrotherapist in 2011.

Kirsten's approach to her clients is to provide support and education, helping them naturally and effortlessly to tune into their body's needs. She strongly believes that colon hydrotherapy is an alternative therapy which can, when correctly administered, help people with many digestive concerns and health problems.

Kirsten also promotes that good digestion, exercise and efficient elimination is crucial to feeling well and energized. Colonic hydrotherapy and nutritional support will help to bring those systems back into full working order, and as a result, the other body systems will strengthen and improve.

The hydrotherapy treatments always start with a consultation, taking in aspects of health, history, current problems and lifestyle.

Disposable equipment is used so that safe, sterile and hygienic treatments are assured.

In November of 2013, I completed training and am now certified with my Advanced and Clinical certifications. I now offer services for colonic implants as well as the ColoLAVAGE for colonoscopy preparation.

Renee Kowalczyk
Clinical Colon Hydrotherapist
9312 E. Raintree
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
United States
Member Since: 2011

Renee has been a colon hydrotherapist for 8 years. Natural health had been her passion for numerous years prior. She was first trained and certified as Colon Therapist in 2004 with the Wood Hygienic Institute. After completing her certification, her craving for learning led her on a path to more education especially when if came to nutrition and cleansing. She studied at Wright College in Chicago. She pursued Reiki as an awakening to spiritual awareness and became a Reiki Master in 2004. Then she learned to work with Essential Oils and she became a Raindrop Facilitator in 2005. Starting in 2005 to the present, she also is a Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP) with the following certifications: Face, Tongue, Nail Analysis; Iridology; Dried Blood Cell Analysis; Nutrition. Renee has been certified by International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT) since 2006. She was certified by the Loomis Institute of Enzyme Nutrition in 2009. Renee joined the Global Professional Association for Colon Therapy (GPACT) in 2011 and is certified as a Clinical Certified Colon Hydro-Therapist. Renee was in the first group of students to train in the ColoLAVAGEsm prep method in New York in the fall of 2011.

On a personal note, Renee adores her German Shepherd and is busy with two teenagers. She tries to volunteer as much as possible for their school activities. She loves music, dancing and traveling.

Beth Seemann
48 Public Square
Mt Vernon, OH 43050
United States
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Member Since: 2011

My name is Beth Seemann. I enjoy helping people and if I can help them to be healthier then that's my goal.

Before I graduated from high school I was a candy striper at Mount Carmel East Hospital. This type of work was so gratifying that I volunteered the maximum hours that a student was allowed to do. I later graduated from Reynoldsburg High School and spent my early adult years in the Air Force.

Many years later, in 2009, I received my training for Colon Hydrotherapy at the International School for Colon Hydrotherapy in Juno Beach, Florida.

I've since taken additional and advanced training. I now also specialize in ColoLAVAGE, which is a colonoscopy prep that is easier on the body and, in my experience, more preferable than what the doctors would have you do.

I also provide Ionic Foot Spas, also known as a Foot Detox, which helps to remove toxins throughout your body. There are about 2,000 pores in the bottom of your feet this makes the detoxing process much easier when done through the feet.

Another service offered is BACH Flower Therapy. This helps patients to remove negative emotional patterns which are blockages for the healing process. I have found great success in using these healing herb and flower essences in my practice.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment please feel free to call me and I’ll get you in as soon as possible. I am flexible on my office hours and am willing to work around your schedule. I hope thatI've been able to answer any questions you might have had. If you have any unanswered questions please feel free to contact me.

I look forward to helping you achieve better health.

Susan Frailey
p.o. box 9122
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96158
United States
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Member Since: 2011

Founder Colon HydroPrep Solutions
Nurse Educator

Monisha Garner
Clinical Colon Hydrotherapist & Foundation Instructor
1001 W. Carson St. #E
Torrance, CA 90502
United States
Member Since: 2013

Moya Body Care was manifested over five years ago by Monisha Garner, also known as "Mo". Originally beginning as a holistic and organic body care company geared towards individuals with sensitive skin. Over the years, Moya slowly started to build into something stronger and greater. Combining Eastern and Western philosophies as well as ancient healing and spiritual practices, Mo has been able to offer clients an experience of regaining and reconnecting with their original source of energy so that healing can naturally take place. Pulling from her experience as a professional dancer of over 15 years, an Advanced Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, Certified Massage Therapist and Certified Yoga and Pilates Instructor she guides her clients to connect with their bodies through breath control, chakra knowledge, body attunement, and relaxation/visualizations exercises.

Appointments with Mo are a complete mental, physical, and spiritual workout. Through experimentation of various cleansing, fasting, and detoxing, Mo has been able to overcome serious bouts of Eczema, Asthma, Constipation, and Fatigue. She understands the emotional and physical connection that the body has and teaches her clients how to tune into this rhythm for better health. As a mother, a sister and daughter her approach is mild and gentle, yet effective. Supported by generations of healers before her Mo not only provides an opportunity for growth but also enlightenment.

See also:

Alexandra Main Kampert
1827 Locust Ave
Fairmont, WV 26554
United States
304- 534-8905
Member Since: 2012

My clinic is located in Fairmont, West Virginia. In May of 2014, I completed training and am a certified colon hydrotherapist with Advanced and Clinical certifications. I offer services for colonic implants as well as the ColoLAVAGE for colonoscopy preparation.

Laura Hernandez
181 Ave.
Winston Churchill
San Juan,
Puerto Rico
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(787) 910-1001
Member Since: 2014

Terapista del Colon Certificada y miembro de la Asociación Internacional de Terapistas del Colon.
▪ 9 de cada 10 personas en Puerto Rico y Estados Unidos padecen de algún problema digestivo!!… ¿Piensas que es casualidad? NO!!!, es producto de hábitos alimenticios equivocados que nos han llevado al trastorno de la digestión y la evacuación.
▪ Nuestros sistemas de hidroterapia, son los más modernos en el mercado, completamente seguros y aprobados por la FDA, en donde todos los materiales que se utilizan son desechables y esterilizados.
▪ Su propietaria Laura Hernández es Terapista del Colon Certificada y Miembro de la Asociación Internacional de Terapistas del Colon. Su amplio e intenso adiestramiento en los Estados Unidos, y su experiencia de vida, al haber padecido de problemas gastrointestinales, por más de 19 años, y haber encontrado la cura a todos sus problemas de salud, a través de la Hidroterapia del Colon junto con una alimentación adecuada, la convierten en una experta en materia de problemas digestivos, estreñimiento, y desintoxicación del cuerpo. Por otra parte, el personal de True Colon Hydrotherapy Spa está compuesto por enfermeras adiestradas para realizar y supervisar la terapia del colon.
▪ Durante la terapia el paciente recibe agua por el intestino por espacio de media hora aproximadamente, a una temperatura que fluctúa entre los 96 y 102 grados. La presión del agua es por gravedad y es controlada por el sistema.
▪ En esta media hora, se vacía parte del contenido del intestino ya que el agua provoca peristalsis e hidratación y por consecuencia evacuación.
▪ Se recomiendan un mínimo de cinco sesiones para vaciar la mayor parte del contenido del intestino grueso, (Mide entre 5 y 6 pies de largo y es del ancho de la muñeca de cada persona), y poder así despegar materia fecal que se ha acumulado por años en las paredes del mismo, provocando la auto intoxicación del cuerpo constantemente pues estos desperdicios no eliminados por el colon, se pudren, se fermentan y se endurecen regresando al cuerpo a través de la sangre provocando como resultado un organismo intoxicado y un colon cada vez más vago.
▪ Esta es una experiencia que se lleva acabo en una especie de silla reclinable y el mismo paciente se hace la inserción de tan sólo una pulgada de el “espéculo en el recto. El espéculo es un fino tubito del ancho de un lápiz, por lo que es fácil de colocar y no es doloroso.
▪ La terapia se lleva acabo en un cuarto privado donde sólo la terapista y/o enfermeras entrenadas tienen acceso para monitorear el bienestar del paciente, aunque siempre ofreciéndoles privacidad e intimidad para eliminar. Este sistema también permite un ambiente, tipo Spa, en donde no hay molestosos olores que puedan resultar vergonzosos para algunas personas.
▪ Es un procedimiento sencillo que no tiene efectos secundarios y puede realizarse cuantas veces el paciente lo necesite. Sin embargo, el paciente debe tener en consideración que este procedimiento se debe realizar en un ambiente seguro, con extremada higiene y por profesionales capacitados.
▪ Son muchos los beneficios que se experimentan al realizar la hidroterapia del colon. Entre ellos está primordialmente el alivio a la condición de estreñimiento que a su vez mejora síntomas relacionados a este difícil problema como por ejemplo los dolores de cabeza o migrañas, mal aliento, pesadez, hinchazón en el abdomen, cansancio, gases, hemorroides, alergias, erupciones en la piel y aumento de peso entre otros.
▪ Evacuar diariamente, de manera natural, es la clave para poder bajar de peso, pues muchas dietas no funcionan de la manera esperada por la falta de eliminación de los desechos del cuerpo y una alimentación incorrecta.
▪ Por otro lado la utilización de laxantes está muy lejos de resolver el problema pues por el contrario lo agrava y crea dependencia y resistencia física, ya que el intestino deja de funcionar por sí solo, obligando a la persona a tomar mayor cantidad de estos y más fuertes con el paso del tiempo. Además, no limpian lo que ya está impactado en las paredes del colon por años.
▪ Los laxantes provocan la evacuación mediante la irritación del sistema digestivo, lo que causa molestias gastrointestinales en general (reflujo, acidez, mala digestión, ulceras, hernias en el esófago, etc.), y provoca la pérdida de minerales y vitaminas que se supone absorbamos de la comida. Esto debilita el organismo y sobre todo el sistema inmunológico cuyo 80% está en nuestro sistema digestivo.
▪ Estos métodos que fuerzan la eliminación, afectan gravemente la flora intestinal y digestiva. Por el contrario, la hidroterapia permite que el cuerpo regenere este bacteria buena, necesaria para un sistema digestivo saludable y un sistema inmunológico fuerte.
▪ Por otro lado, la terapia del colon reentrena el mismo para que este pueda recuperar su movimiento natural.
▪ La limpieza del colon junto con una dieta apropiada, recomendada por True Colon, también ayuda a prevenir enfermedades que se pueden desarrollar en nuestro cuerpo y en el intestino con los años, tales como los divertículos, pólipos y cáncer en el colon entre otros, que es la segunda causa de muerte entre los diferentes tipos de cáncer en Estados Unidos y Puerto Rico.
▪ Está científicamente comprobado que el 90% de las enfermedades, en nuestro cuerpo, provienen de un colon intoxicado, que no elimina los desechos tóxicos de muchos alimentos que consumimos y que terminan adheridos en las paredes del colon.
▪ La persona promedio puede cargar de 5 a 20 libras de material fecal acumulada en el colon. Esto, aún en personas que evacuan a diario.
▪ En nuestra Clínica-Spa, trabajamos con estas condiciones y no tan sólo ofrecemos la terapia del colon, sino que le explicamos al paciente como funciona su sistema gastrointestinal, le mostramos cuál es la forma correcta de alimentarse mediante la combinación apropiada de los alimentos, le hacemos las recomendaciones necesarias para mejorar la digestión y la eliminación, y le sugerimos los productos esenciales para que durante y luego de las terapias pueda experimentar resultados asombrosos en su sistema digestivo.
▪ Si sientes que lo explicamos en este artículo hace sentido a todo lo que estás viviendo, es hora de comenzar a recuperar tu salud a través de la Hidroterapia del Colon. Llámanos y te orientamos.

Ahora ofrece la ColoLAVAGE para la preparación colonoscopia

Ms. Nancy (Nacim) Valdes
Clinical Colon Hydrotherapist
31 E 32nd St
Suite 504
New York, NY 10016
United States
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Member Since: 2011

True Being was born out of the observation and understanding that we are always growing and changing and that must be honored at every step of a person's life. I saw the need for a more balanced approach to how we help people help themselves. Our wellness team embraces the needs of each client, helping them find techniques that work for them. As far as Colon Hydrotherapy goes, one technique does not work better than the other, just differently.The colon therapist or client might prefer one technique over another, but that does not mean that all others are faulty. It is personal preference. But truly , it is a matter of preparing the client before they get on your table. If the client can learn to hydrate their body and avoid the troublesome food that caused the problem in the first place, each session will improve exponentially. True Being does not diagnose, prescribe or claim that any of the services that are written about or offered are intended to replace the relationship with your primary health care provider. If you have or suspect you have a health challenge, please consult your physician. All of our therapists are GPACT certified.

Denise Walz
Clinical Colon Hydrotherapist
By Appointment Only
Heber City, UT 84032
United States
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Member Since: 2012

At Rising Sun Renewal, we start all new clients with a complementary 15 minute telephone appointment. This time will insure us that you have no contraindications for colon hydrotherapy and to determine the best way for you to move forward on your journey toward better health......Denise is a Karuna Reiki Master, Wellness Educator, Clinical Certified Colon Hydrotherapist and works with Essential Oils. Please visit our website for more information! .....Cleanse, Rebuild, Renew!!!

Tracy L. Rosa
RN, Clinical Colon Hydrotherapist
2170 South Ave.
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
United States
Member Since: 2011

Tracy is a Registered Nurse with the California Board of Registered Nurses and is a Clinical Certified Colon Hydro-Therapist with GPACT at the Barton Memorial Hospital's Gastroenterology department.

Casey Eldredge
Clinical Colon Hydrotherapist
1081 S. Dora St., Suite A
Ukiah, CA 95482
United States
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Member Since: 2011

Mrs. Diane Andrews
Advanced Colon Hydrotherapist/Owner
2040 HWY 59
Suite I
Mandeville, LA 70448
United States
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(985) 809-3133
Member Since: 2012

In May of 2014, I completed training and am now certified with my Advanced and Clinical certifications. I now offer services for colonic implants as well as the ColoLAVAGE for colonoscopy preparation.

I am also the GPACT Ambassador for the state of Louisiana.

Gentle Pathways
Annette Barber
Clinical Certified Colon Hydro-Therapist
2280 East Avenue
Suite 4
Rochester, NY 14610
United States
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585 209-9109
Member Since: 2011

Annette has always had an interest in health care and in helping others. She graduated from Nazareth College with a BS in Biology. She became interested in natural healing in the early 1990's due to health issues in her family. She began working at a holistic wellness center in 2004 and has been immersed in natural health modalities ever since.

Annette has furthered her education by attending classes and seminars in BioEnergetic Medicine, completing her Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP) training, receiving her certification in Lymphatic Decongestive Therapy with the Photon Sound Beam device and by completing training as a certified Colon Hydrotherapist at the Cathy Shea International School of Colon Hydrotherapy. Annette is a certified member of I-ACT (International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy) and G-PACT (Global Professional Organization for Colon Hydrotherapy).

Annette considers colon hydrotherapy to be one part of a complete holistic wellness program. She looks forward to assisting you on your pathway to vibrant health.