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Advanced Level Certified Colon Therapist (31)
Advocate for Colon Hydrotherapy (3)
Approved CHT Education Facility/School (13)

Certified Colon Therapist + Instructor (16)
Certified Colon Therapist 4 Master (1)
Certified Colon Therapist 4 Medical Professional (2)
Certified Colon Therapy Facility/Clinic/Spa (24)
Clinical Level Certified Colon Therapist (22)

Foundation Level Certified Colon Therapist (91)

Industry Affiliate (7)
Instructor Advanced Level Colon Hydrotherapy
Instructor Clinical Level Colon Hydrotherapy (2)
Instructor Foundation Level Colon Hydrotherapy (4)

Multi location Colon Therapy Services (4)

Certified Colon Therapist 4 Medical Professional

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Dr Prashant Saraf
11/326 Sunset Road, Windsor Park
North Shore, Auckland, Auc 0632
New Zealand
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Member Since: 2017

Salt Cave Halotherapy & Wellness Centre

Catherine Basse
RN, Certified Colon Therapist-Medical Professional
9128 A Rigg lane
Overland Park, KS 66212
United States
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Member Since: 2011

As well as being a medical professional, Catherine is a Licensed Natural Therapist and is Nationally Certified in Integrative Bodywork and Massage.

A Health Trust is a personal commitment. Ms. Basse's is based on a foundation of more than 30 years of experience and education which combines therapeutic and intuitive approaches to design strategies for managing stress, pain reduction and overall well-being. This is accomplished through the use of therapeutic muscle and energy therapies, Bach Flower Remedies, Colon Hydrotherapy and dietary planning.