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Phonomotor Therapy for Aphasia: A Practical Introduction

JoAnn Silkes completed her B.A. in Speech and Hearing Sciences at Indiana University and her M.S. in Communicative Disorders at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. After a clinical career in medical speech-language pathology, she completed her Ph.D. at the University of Washington. She is now an Assistant Professor at San Diego State University, where she is the director of the Cognition and Language in Aphasia Laboratory. Her research focuses on understanding how implicit language processing breaks down in aphasia and developing aphasia treatment methods based on that understanding.
Course description:
Phonomotor Therapy is designed to build phonological sequence knowledge in people with aphasia. Based on the idea that phonological processing is fundamental to all language use, this approach has been shown to lead to improvements in word retrieval and to generalize across language domains and levels for many people with aphasia. This course will introduce the theoretical motivations, purposes, and fundamental elements of Phonomotor Therapy, as well as provide practical training in its use.
Course objectives:
After completing this course, participants will be able to:
1) Explain the theoretical foundations of treating phonological processing in aphasia, and why treating at this level can be expected to yield improvements across other levels of language processing.
2) Describe the fundamental elements of Phonomotor Therapy, including Socratic questioning and multi-modal integration.
3) Implement Phonomotor Therapy across a variety of tasks and levels of difficulty.
4) Discuss possible solutions to practical considerations of implementing Phonomotor Therapy in a standard clinical setting.
Level of Instruction: Intermediate
Sharp Health Plan
8520 Tech Way
San Diego, CA  92123
3 CE's Offered 8:30 am - 11:45 am
Continental Breakfast served
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Location: Sharp Health Plan, 8520 Tech Way, San Diego, CA 92123

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